The West High School Track team begins competition this weekend when it travels to Farragut High School for the East Tennessee Jamboree.

Although the first two meets — Saturday and Tuesday March 6th — are technically considered practice or scrimmage meets, they are essentially the track team’s first opportunity for true outdoor track competitions for 2018. The format will be the same, the only difference is the meets will not be scored for team points. Athletes will still be given times and places, and get an idea of where they are physically at this point in the year.

Below is everything you need to know for the first meet…

Info for Athletes, Parents, and Coaches


  • Come prepared to compete – Dressed warmly (for cold or rain), in shoes (not sandals), with drinks and snacks (maybe money too).
  • Understand the schedule and when you might need to warm-up.
  • Do not be distracted by your electronics! (remember you can be disqualified by having them out in the competition area).
  • Athletes are responsible for their own shoes, uniform, warm-ups, spikes, water, snacks, etc. (not parents / not coaches)
  • After races/competition athletes should immediately cool-down and find the team area and/or coaches.
  • Don’t wander off by yourself at the facility – use the buddy system even if going to the restrooms! (have a phone unless you are in the competition area).
  • All athletes competing in the same event should be together!
  • The team will sit together in one section of stands and/or one area of the field.
  • Allow parents to congratulate you on a good job (60 second rule) and return to team/coaches.
  • Remember the coaches are there to instruct and guide you, and your parents, friends and teammates are there to support you.


  • Parents will sit in adjacent but separate area/section of stands (or move around the facility as they see fit).
  • Please allow the athletes to keep their area just for team members.
  • Parents are encouraged to cheer and support the athletes, as well as congratulate them on a job well done, but need to keep conversations short (60 seconds or less) and allow athletes to return to team/coaches during the meet.
  • Parents should remember they could also be viewed as a representative of the school while in the stands, and allow coaches to handle any conflicts or judgment calls that might arise from the competition.
  • Parents should refrain from “coaching” their athlete at the meet. While it may seem positive in the moment, too many opinions may confuse the athletes rather than help them. Allow the coaches to do their job.


  • The coaches will be watching each and every athlete compete that they possibly can, not just ones in the event area they specialize in.
  • Coaches will keep most conversations to 60 seconds or less while at the meet. (Field events are the exception, because of multiple attempts, and the opportunity to improve throughout the attempts).
  • Coaches will be taking notes to be able to further discuss races/jumps/throws once we return to practice that week.
  • Most of the coach’s job should happen at practice; at the meet they are there to keep things moving smoothly if things out of the ordinary do occur.

***As a program (Athletes, Coaches, and Parents), we are all invested in the team! All individuals will be supported as they compete and each competitor and competition is as important as the next!***


10:00 AM Field Events
Boys Shot Put            3 throws (First legal mark will be measured, then min 32ft)
Girls Discus                3 throws (First Legal mark will be measured, then min 60ft)
Boys Long Jump        3 jumps (First Legal jump will be measured, then min 15ft)
Girls High Jump         (Opening Height 4ft)
Girls Pole Vault          (Opening Height 7ft)

11:30 AM Field Events
Boys Discus                3 throws (First Legal mark will be measured, then min 70ft)
Girls Shot Put             3 throws  (First Legal mark will be measured, then min 22ft)
Girls Long Jump         3 jumps (First Legal mark will be measured, then min 12ft)
Boys High Jump         (Opening Height 5ft)
Boys Pole Vault          (Opening Height 8ft)

* Triple Jump @ 12:30pm (Boys followed by Girls)
First legal mark measured, then girls min 26ft, boys min 32ft

12:00 PM Rolling Schedule Girls/Boys
100m Hurdles (Girls)
110m Hurdles (Boys)
100m Dash
4x200m Relay
1600m Run
4x100m Run
400m Run
300m Hurdles
800m Run
200m Run
3200m Run
4x400m Run

* There will be no specific start time for the events after the 4×800 relay, which starts at 12 noon. Each event will follow the previous event in the order shown above. This is the schedule almost all track meets will follow for the running events this year. Unfortunately there is no way to guess a start time for an event or the end of the meet. Typically a large meet might take 4-6 hours to complete and a small meet may take 3-4 hours to complete. This is by no way a guarantee though. *

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